Artistic Director/Cellist, Alexandra Lee • Choreographer/Dancer, Lauren Foy

“The marriage of cello and dance has been done in so many beautiful ways. I had always admired the combination and desired to do it myself one day. With Cello Steps 2017, not only am I making my dream a reality, I’m also putting together the tools so that other cellists and other dancers can do this all over the world.” – Alexandra Lee

“Le mariage entre le violoncelle et la danse était interprété dans les manières differentes. J’avais toujours aimé la combinaison et j’avais pensé que, un jour, j’aimerais le faire moi-même. Avec Cello Steps 2017, je mets en réalité mes souhaits, et aussi je vais assembler tous les instructions pour les autres danseurs et violoncellistes, pour qu’ils peuvent créer leurs propres Cello Steps dans le monde entier.” – Alexandra Lee

Cello Steps 2017 pairs the beloved “Prelude” from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, with the choreography of modern dancer Lauren Foy.

Download or stream the audio track so you can listen anywhere, and practice anywhere.

DANCE-MOB choreography is available to learn online for free. This series of online tutorials can be learnt in your living room, or in a classroom, community hall, or anywhere. Then join us to perform it together, or organize your own dance-mob!

DANCE-MOB: Saturday August 19, 2017, 3:30pm at Memorial Park as part of  UP HERE FESTIVAL – Join us at Memorial Park for a choreography review at 11am!