The Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach are beloved by all cellists. The very first movement of the suites is one of the most well-known pieces of music, and has made countless people fall in love with the cello.

The cello suites have a bit of an air of mystery about them, as we don’t know very much about how they came to be. We *think* Bach wrote the Cello Suites sometime around 1720, but none of us can be quite sure as the original manuscript was lost. And as to why he wrote them, that too is lost in time. He was mainly employed by the church during his life, yet these Cello Suites would not have been used in any church setting… At any rate, they were forgotten for some time and considered to be merely “étude” status by most musicians, until young cellist Pablo Casals discovered a copy in an old music shop in 1889. He waited over ten years before performing them. He revived them and started performing them in concert, and cellists of today thank him for it.

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